Real-time In-Vehicle Feedback

Real-time safety feedback & coaching eliminates bad habits and risky driving behavior.

Did You Know That Driver Errors Cause 90% Of Road Incidents And Collisions?

That’s why GreenRoad takes a driver-centric approach to improving fleet safety and operations.

GreenRoad tackles the root cause of driver errors by providing objective, real-time feedback immediately whenever a risky driving event occurs. This allows drivers to quickly self-correct, resulting in safer, smoother and more fuel-efficient driving that reduces accidents and expenses, and that keeps passengers happy.

GreenRoad’s driver coaching continues after trip is over. At the end of each journey, drivers get a summary of their performance to review, along with tips for ongoing improvement.

In-Vehicle Feedback

Accurate Behavior Model Encourages Driver Buy-In

GreenRoad’s coaching is based on the industry’s most accurate and specific analysis of driving behavior. Rather than just a handful of severe maneuvers, GreenRoad’s patented algorithms identify more than 150 maneuvers and compound events of different severities across five categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Lane handling
  • Cornering
  • Speeding

This, combined with GreenRoad’s deep AI- and BI-based analysis, enables highly accurate and specific driver coaching and insights, promoting buy-in and permanent change.

Coaching about moderate ‘yellow’ events as well as severe ‘red’ events enables fine-tuning of driving styles, the key to achieving maximum fuel efficiency and preventing accidents.

Empower All Your Drivers Today With the GreenRoad DRIVE™ Mobile App

Setting up GreenRoad’s powerful real-time, in-vehicle coaching is as easy as downloading an app.

The GreenRoad DRIVE™ app works with the advanced technology in your mobile device to recognize different fleet vehicle types from heavy trucks, buses and construction vehicles to light delivery vehicles, trucks, cars and vans.

objective in vehicle feedback

LED-based feedback

It downloads in minutes for 1000’s of drivers anywhere in the world, including for contractors and grey fleet drivers, and immediately begins providing real-time coaching along with accurate, up-to-the minute information about driver locations and activities.

When an installed solution is preferred, GreenRoad Edge™ can be used to provide LED-based feedback. A small, unobtrusive LED display panel lets drivers know how safely they are driving, continually improving their awareness. When the vehicle starts to drive, the light is green, and remains green until a risky maneuver occurs. Then, a yellow or red light flashes, according to the severity of the maneuver.