The GreenRoad Driver Safety Management Platform

It’s startling but true: over 90% of accidents are caused by driver error. This means that to reduce accidents and business risk, the right place to focus is improving driver behavior.

GreenRoad’s Safety Telematics Platform makes it simple, turning your drivers into your safety partners and creating a strong road safety culture.

Driver Self-Coaching and Training

The GreenRoad Platform uses a ‘carrot’ rather than a ‘stick’ approach to improving driving behavior. GreenRoad’s proven tools motivate drivers to improve their own safety and teach them to drive more efficiently.

GreenRoad works by giving drivers real-time feedback, displaying green when they drive safely and yellow or red for risky maneuvers. In addition, performance-based Safety Scores help drivers track their progress and gamify safety via ‘friendly competition’.

The accuracy of the data promotes buy-in, and real-time alerts promote timely self-correction. Ongoing learning is enabled by transparent reviews and personalized AI-based training tools.


Driver Engagement Platform

GreenRoad understands the power of fun, gamification and smart psychology to impact safety performance.

Our primary driver engagement tool is the GreenRoad Driver Safety Score, which is updated continuously to help drivers track their progress. Managers review scoreboards to identify individuals who need attention, to track the business’s safety trends and to rate their depots against others. Safety Scores are also used for recognition programs (e.g. Best Improved or Safest Driving) and for evaluating safety compliance.


Fleet Elite: International Recognition for Safe Fleets & Drivers

GreenRoad’s Fleet Elite is a global driver excellence recognition program through which individual drivers can measure their performance against world-class safety standards.

GreenRoad Fleet Elite 2021

Driver Scoreboards
allow comparison of performance
with others (across teams and/or divisions)

Any GreenRoad customer can participate in the Fleet Elite program, provided that their vehicle profiles meet GreenRoad’s minimum standard for eligibility.


Performance Reviews & Acknowledgements
Timely notifications
Deviation from norm and trends

A Complex, Real-World Model of Driver Behavior

GreenRoad’s classification of safety events in based on algorithms that identify over 150 types of low-to-high-risk driving maneuvers across 5 categories: cornering, lane handling, speeding, acceleration and braking. This provides a highly accurate and ‘relatable’ model of each driver’s behavior, helping secure driver buy-in to the system’s credibility.

This approach is entirelydifferent than safety systems that provide only ‘last-second’ alerts. Such systems help avert catastrophic crashes, but cannot promote  fundamental change in driving habits – the change needed to create a sustainable reduction in accidents.

GreenRoad solutions help businesses tackle the root cause of poor safety and costly driving habits. They help drivers become more aware of the road, learn to anticipate surrounding traffic and to avoid risky maneuvers. As they move from ‘red’ to ‘yellow’ and finally to ‘green’ scores, drivers eliminate more and more driving errors, naturally adopting a safe driving style that eliminates both crashes and close calls while helping to promote an efficient vehicle operation style.

As an added bonus, the resulting smooth driving style improves passenger comfort, reduces fuel consumption and ongoing fleet expenses, enhances compliance –  and for EVs, extends charge range and battery life. This why we say that eliminating moderate ‘yellow’ events is the key to fleet efficiency and passenger comfort.

The GreenRoad Safety Score

GreenRoad condenses all factors of a driver’s safety behavior into a simple, objective measurement called the GreenRoad Safety Score.

It is calculated by adding together all safety events that a driver has accumulated over the past seven days, dividing this by the total number of hours driven, and multiplying by 10 to get a standardized score. The lower the Safety Score, the safer the driving. The target for all drivers is to maintain a ‘green’ Safety Score of 20 or below. This is a safe and smooth level that prevents accidents, promotes maximum fuel efficiency, keeps passengers feeling safe and secure, and supports fleet environmental compliance activities.