Proactive Low Bridge Alerts

Give drivers a ‘heads-up’ warning
to prevent tragic low bridge hits

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Did you know that the UK has over 1,800 railway bridge strikes each year?

The real tragedy is that most could have been prevented using GreenRoad’s Proactive Low Bridge driver alerting system.

GreenRoad’s Low Bridge Alerting system sends real-time alerts to drivers when they head for a bridge too low for safe passage – in time to take an alternate route. It works by combining GPS vehicle location data, mapping services and a pre-defined database of low bridge hazards to feed GreenRoad’s real-time alerting system.

Alerts can be delivered audibly via speaker, and/or visibly via LED panels. The system can also alert drivers about other pre-defined hazards and safety hotspots.


The GreenRoad Proactive Low Bridge Alerting System is offered as an enhancement to GreenRoad Edge™, GreenRoad’s installed edge processing device. Its location analysis is carried out locally with no reliance on cellular connections, assuring that it remains effective even when there is little or no connectivity.

Key Features: Customized Landmarks

As the trigger points for the system’s alerts, a customized list of the location of bridges and bridge access points is loaded into GreenRoad Central™ as landmarks. The information entered for each bridge/access point includes the bridge name, location, risky heading, safe clearance, and voice message type.