Proactive Safety Alerts

Keep your drivers aware of risky areas
to help them prevent the next accident

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GreenRoad makes it easy to provide drivers with proactive alerts and targeted information whenever they approach risky areas, ‘hotspots’ or regions where special instructions apply. This promotes special awareness that prevents incidents before they occur – and provides needed information exactly when it is most useful.

These ‘trigger areas’ are automatically identified and self-defined by the system’s AI and trend analysis engines (e.g. areas in which the driver and/or team have had numerous safety incidents).

They can also be defined manually by management (Geofence coordinates coupled with text or text-to-voice alerts).

  • System-generated alerts such as ‘Careful: approaching risky area’ are provided automatically when drivers approach an area where they (or the team) have had multiple safety issues.
  • Specific instructions can be triggered when a driver enters a defined area: e.g. ‘Reduce your speed limit in the harbor area: 15 mph’ or ‘Remember to fasten your seatbelt when leaving the depot.’