The Key Elements to Making Change Easy 7

Here is the seventh and final post from our series on change management.

Storytelling and the power of small wins

Large change management problems are best broken down into smaller ones with concrete, achievable goals. Otherwise, tackling the problem can be so overwhelming that solutions seem unattainable and people therefore often avoid tackling the issues altogether.  So, break the project down into small, easily obtainable goals and make sure that everyone knows what they are. When you reach these goals, be sure to use your communication strategy to not only reach out and thank everyone involved for helping the company, but also to celebrate your joint success.  By celebrating these small wins you will keep everyone focused and aware of the project in hand and keep engagement and enthusiasm high. Storytelling can be a powerful tool when you want to drive organizational change, so make sure you let everyone know when there is a story to tell – whether this is a manager who has smashed their targets, or drivers that have worked hard and become green.  Making it personal helps people relate to the change.