Northern Gas Networks’ Engineers Stay Safe on the Road with GreenRoad

Improving driver behaviours, safety and efficiency

Stay Safe on the Road with GreenRoadEngineers working for the North of England’s gas distributor, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), are driving more safely on the road thanks to a sophisticated “coach in the cab” software system developed by GreenRoad.

NGN is responsible for distributing gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses in Yorkshire, the North East and northern Cumbria, has noticed a distinct improvement in driving habits since the system was introduced.

GreenRoad monitors more than 150 vehicle movements and warns drivers whenever they stray from safe, smooth driving, enabling them to amend their approach and adopt good driving practices on a daily basis.

Each event is recorded by the GreenRoad system and drivers and line managers are able to receive reports about the drivers’ behavior, which they can review and together decide if any changes need to be made.

Mark Squires, Commercial Manager – Fleet Services of Northern Gas Networks, said: “Road safety is very important to us and we have deployed GreenRoad across all of our 550-strong commercial van fleet.

“Since we introduced GreenRoad there have been tangible improvements in driver behavior in some areas. It has been a good first introduction to fleet and driver performance into the organisation.”

With a workforce that is busy maintaining more than 25,000 km2 of pipes – enough to go from Leeds to Sydney in Australia and back again – and responding to emergency calls, safety and customer service is at the heart of everything Northern Gas Networks does.

The company wanted a fleet and driver performance system that would allow it to improve safety by measuring driver performance and setting baseline standards and future targets to improve driver behavior, as well as helping to locate its fleet of 3.5 tonne commercial vans.

Mark said: “Having live visibility of the fleet is an advantage and it means that we can re-direct some of our resources to ensure that we’re working efficiently and effectively.

“Ideally we are also looking for up to 10 per cent fuel savings through reduced mileage covered and better fuel efficiency through safer, smoother driving. It’s also helping us to lower our environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions.”

While some drivers viewed the telematics system with suspicion, regarding it as “Big Brother watching”, others were quick to embrace the new technology with enthusiasm, taking full advantage of its “coach in the cab” approach.

GreenRoad provides drivers with personalised safety scores based on data generated during every minute they are behind the wheel, and it rewards drivers who reach a high standard over 500 hours on the road with “Fleet Elite” status.

Idan Danai, SVP Global Sales for GreenRoad said: “The root cause of up to 90 per cent of road accidents is driver decision-making. If you want to improve fleet safety and performance you have to address driving behaviors.

“That is why GreenRoad places driver engagement at the center of our approach: we aim to produce long-term, positive, sustainable change that will reap benefits for years to come, both financially and in human costs.

“Safer, smoother driving ingrained by GreenRoad leads to fewer accidents, lower insurance costs, reduced insurance premiums and improved fuel economy.”

About GreenRoad

GreenRoad is a global leader in fleet performance management solutions, helping organizations achieve greater productivity and improved safety and performance through real-time actionable data. GreenRoad’s advanced technology and analytics help organizations of all types improve driver safety, increase operational efficiencies, and maintain corporate and regulatory compliance while reducing overall risk.

GreenRoad engages drivers directly to generate meaningful, lasting change through real-time, in-vehicle feedback and highly effective change management methodology.  For more information, please visit, and follow GreenRoad on Twitter, @GreenRoadNews.

About Northern Gas Networks
Northern Gas Networks own all the gas mains in the North East, most of Yorkshire and northern Cumbria transporting gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses.

The network consists of 37,000km of gas mains, enough to stretch from Leeds to Sydney, Australia and back. Our mains replacement programme will see 3,800km of old metal gas main replaced with modern plastic equivalents by 2021.

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