Understanding the Financial Benefits of Managing Road Risk

Understanding the financial benefits of managing road risk. A new report from Brake.

Brake, the road safety charity, has today published guidance for fleet managers on the financial benefits of managing road risk. Sponsored by GreenRoad, this best practice report highlights the hidden cost of crashes and provides practical steps for fleet managers to follow.

At-work crashes cost the UK billions of pounds each year. Even minor crashes are expensive: and the total cost of a fleet vehicle insurance claim can be up to 15 times higher than average direct repair costs. Eliminating even minor crashes can pay dividends. Despite today’s limited budgets, investing in fleet safety can result in a quick ROI.

The guidance includes expert advice delivered at a recent Brake webinar on ‘saving money through fleet risk management’. It demonstrates how identifying and managing the risks of vehicle collisions, as well as engaging with fleet insurers, can help lower operating costs.

The report is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers. Special offer: the first 25 non-subscribers to request the report will get a copy for free. Please email admin@brake.org.uk or call +44 (0)1484 559909 to order.