Why Driver Performance Data Matters

A few days ago we released our first annual GreenRoad Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report. That’s quite a mouthful and might lead one to ask, “Why does driver performance data matter”?

At GreenRoad, through our in-vehicle technology, we automatically gather a large set of fleet driver data. We measure driving events across five major categories: braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding. In 2011 alone, this data set represents 85,000 drivers who logged 127 million trips and 7.4 billion miles across North America and UK in 2011.

Through aggregating and analyzing this large data set, we begin to see patterns that reveal fascinating insights into fleet driving. These insights begin to tell us not only about driving behavior but also driving risk.

For instance, through our 2011 report we learned that US drivers are more likely to speed, while UK drivers are more likely to engage in harsh braking.

Interesting yes, but how can this data help the typical fleet owner/operator and fleet safety director?  Understanding these ‘big-picture’ trends can help you benchmark your fleet performance versus others so you know what’s going well and what needs your attention.

Sometimes understanding the big picture helps us make relatively small incremental changes that result in tremendous impact. After all, when it comes to safety, understanding the big picture is one step in delivering the best drivers on the road.