Announcing the GreenRoad 2011 Benchmark Report

Today we’re proud to release the first annual GreenRoad Worldwide Fleet Driver Performance Benchmark Report. Pulling together the data for this report has been a major initiative for our team here at GreenRoad.

We recognize that with our in-vehicle technology we gather a rich set of driver performance data; data that currently represents over 85,000 drivers who logged over 127 million trips and 7.4 billion miles across North America and UK in 2011. The objective of the Benchmark report is to uncover insights into fleet driving performance that will ultimately help us reach our common goal of delivering the best drivers on the road.

Our plan is to continue growing this data set so that we can annually report back to the industry how fleet driving performance is changing.

Now, for a few additional highlights from the 2011 Benchmark Report:

  • Overall, the worldwide Safety Score improved by 24%. This means that fleet drivers around the world were able to substantially improve their driving performance as reflected in the five categories measured by GreenRoad:  braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding.
  •  In North America, speeding is the most dominant unsafe driving behavior while in the UK, harsh braking is the most common risky behavior.
  • The report also shows that North American fleet drivers achieve a better overall safety score than their UK counterparts – this primarily comes down to the differing driving conditions, with roundabouts and smaller highways in the UK.