The Best Bus Expos to Visit in 2022/23

By Saul Gold-Commercial Development Director


bus expo 2022

Looking for a list of the best bus expos to attend in 2022/23? We’ve scoured the web and collected a growing list of events all over the world. From Sydney to Stockholm, and even online, you’ll see when each event takes place, and learn a little more about what makes these events worth attending.

Events can’t happen without hot topics, so we’ve also taken a glance at three of the most pressing issues bus operators and fleet management professionals face today. You’ll learn why fleet safety, the power of mobile apps, and driving behaviour are among the most pressing issues facing fleet management today.

Bus Expos Taking Place in 2022/2023

Australasia Bus and Coach Expo

Dates: October 5-6, 2022
Where: The Dome & Halls at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

The Australasia Bus and Coach Expo is held at the Sydney showgrounds, where a variety of bus manufacturers will showcase their latest vehicles across the 7,200 sqm venue. Visitors will also have access to a series of functions, including:

  • The Welcome Address sponsored by Volvo, Oct 4th
  • Happy Hour on Wednesday sponsored by IntoTraining, Oct 5th
  • BusNSW Industry Gala Dinner, Oct 5th

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Clean Busses in UK

Date: October 13, 2022
Where: Online

As the UK government switches gears to achieve its net-zero emissions goal by 2050, the transport sector, particularly fleets consisting of buses, faces an uphill battle. Policy, guidelines, programmes, and funding are just a few of today’s hot topics, and the event aims to demystify them all.

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Euro Bus Expo

Dates: November 1-3, 2022
Where: NEC National Exhibition Center, West Midlands, B40 1NT Birmingham, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Considered one of the largest showcases of the latest buses, coaches, mini and midi vehicles, equipment, and more, Euro Bus Expo attracts over 9000 professionals each year. The event provides direct access to international brands and thought leadership in the form of seminars by industry experts.

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Dates: October 25-27, 2022
Where: 125 80 Stockholm

It has been four years since the last PersonTrafik event, which brought over 6,400 visitors from 24 countries to Stockholn. And since 2018, much about public transport in Europe has changed. PersonTrafik is set to address today’s biggest public transport issues. Topics aim to address the challenge of creating comfort for passengers with attractive and adaptable, but eco-friendly solutions. The event will showcase buses, taxis, rail-based vehicles, traffic information, environmental technology, charging infrastructure, and more.

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Key Bus Expo Telematics Topics in 2022/23

This year, while there’s much happening in the world of telematics, we’ve identified two interrelated topics that have gathered a lot of interest, both in the industry and among our clients. The golden thread, as we’ve long known, is driver behavior. Here’s what bus expo attendees should be interested in in 2022/23:

Safety Telematics

NHTSA research confirms that over 90% of accidents are the result of driver error. But speeding and risky driving habits can be surprisingly easy to change – when you empower drivers with real-time feedback and smart incentives, and stay “in the know” with dashboards, alerts and management-by-exception reports. The bonus? Reduced fuel costs, emissions, maintenance costs – and protection for your reputation.

Did you know that safety telematics can be deployed as a software only solution as well?

Here’s how GreenRoad is making strides in this area.

Reducing Environmental Impact and Emissions

Did you know that improving driver behaviour can actually reduce the cost of the transition to EVs?

  • Eco-driving extends the range of each battery charge – often by 20%-30%! That means your buses spend less time spent “recharging”, with serious implications for your charging infrastructure.
  • Eco-driving also lengthens battery and tyre life, translating into lower lifetime costs for your new EV buses.
  • Just as important, eco-driving reduces ICE fuel consumption by 3%-7%, and emissions by even more!

Learn how GreenRoad can help you reduce your energy consumption.

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