Ever Been Wrongly Accused of Bad Driving or Poor Service?

Did You Know GreenRoad Can Save Your Bacon?

Most depot managers we speak to say one of the worst things about the job is dealing with complaints from the general public. Particularly irksome are those complaints that are blatantly a scam or an error. Until recently it was pretty much impossible to provide evidence to counter a claim. But with GreenRoad all that has changed.

Recently, a concerned parent had got in touch with Stephensons of Essex to complain about a bus journey departing early without their child who was trying to get home after school. With access to GreenRoad Central, Stephensons operations manager, Michael Greenway, based in Witham, was able to pull the necessary data to prove that the complaint had no validity.

Using GreenRoad’s GPS data Michael was able to send a PDF of a map to the customer proving that the bus had left the station exactly on time and even showing that it headed out of the station at 6mph. Michael then used this incident as a working example on the staff notices displayed in each operating center to demonstrate to the drivers the benefit of having the data and how this, along with other supporting evidence, (CCTV, ETM data) could be used to defend their position and repudiate claims of irregularities when in fact they were carrying out their duties correctly.

“GreenRoad was quite invaluable to address this concern, said Michael Greenway. “We have 150 drivers across four depots using GreenRoad to improve their driving performance, cut fuel and ensure a smooth journey for our passengers. But a tool that helps us with customer service also plays an important role in making depot managers jobs easier.”

Stephensons of Essex, based in Rochford, first heard about GreenRoad in 2011 through Belmont International (now: Arthur J. Gallagher), the UK’s leading independent insurance broker specializing in passenger transport. Belmont now has access to detailed driving information, making it far easier to predict Stephensons’ fleet risk and offer specific risk management interventions where necessary. It also gives Stephensons some leverage when it comes to renewing insurance policies. And only a fool would refuse that!