Megabus & GreenRoad: Good for passengers, good for drivers and great for our environment!

In less than a decade,’s smart, innovative approach and commitment to safety, customer comfort, affordable fares, and a clean environment has made it one of the largest city-to-city express bus service providers in North America.

Now, and Coach USA are installing the GreenRoad system in 2400 buses across the US to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, improve customer comfort and reduce the risk of accidents. And in an noticeable twist on the Fleet Elite incentive program that is a key element of GreenRoad best practices for change management, has created a $1 million annual Green Driver bonus pool for drivers who earn “green points” for safe, efficient driving.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in implementing the GreenRoad system on our buses in an ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Dale Moser, CEO of Coach USA.  “Safety is always our number one priority and this program will not only help to reduce the risk of accidents but will continue to provide a better, eco-friendly customer experience as well.”

With driving decisions accounting for 90 percent of accidents and up to 33 percent of fuel spend, the new system will mean big fuel savings, safety gains and emission reductions for

GreenRoad’s in-vehicle indicator gives drivers real-time feedback on how safe and fuel efficient their driving style is when it comes to speed, braking, acceleration, turning and other maneuvers. Online reporting, analysis and coaching from GreenRoad Central helps drivers, with support from their managers, further improve skills and decision-making to create safer and more pleasant riding experiences for customers.

“Choosing GreenRoad’s Driver Behavior and Fleet Efficiency system is a testament to Coach USA’s and’s commitment to environmentally-responsible and safe driver behavior,” said Zeev Braude, CEO at GreenRoad. “In addition, fuel-efficient and safer driving will provide more comfortable journeys to passengers. Changing driver behavior requires the commitment of an entire organization, from senior management to drivers. It is impressive to see how efficiently Coach USA and Megabus are managing this change in their fleet safety culture, based on detailed insights and actionable guidance from the GreenRoad system.”

The entire Megabus/Coach USA press release can be found here.