GreenRoad Customer, Iron Mountain Awarded for Excellence in Fleet Management

Iron Mountain has been presented with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of the company’s excellence in fleet management in a GreenRoad sponsored ceremony held at Rockingham Raceway.

The company has a fleet of 360 in the UK and Ireland. To improve road safety, Iron Mountain has a total road safety culture which embraces management systems as well as monitoring and training. Iron Mountain vehicles are fitted with the GreenRoad Driver Behavior System to further enhance defensive driving techniques and road safety.

Collecting the Prince Michael Road Safety Award, Rory Morgan, National Logistics Manager for Iron Mountain in the UK and Ireland, said, “Iron Mountain’s fleet has come a long way since we first embarked on a risk-reduction programme. Working closely with our fleet insurers, industry experts and our suppliers, we have significantly reduced Iron Mountain’s road incidents by over 71% Early successes were significant but we didn’t stop there. Over the past four years, we have strived to attain operational excellence and minimize the possibility of incidents through best practice and training. We are immensely proud that the effort s of our team has been recognized with this prestigious award.”

Presenting the award, Adrian Walsh, director of The Prince’s award scheme said,” Two aspects of this remarkable story impressed the judges: the top-down safety culture which runs through the business, resulting in an impressive drop in incidents over recent years and the way in which the GreenRoad system is cherished by drivers and managers alike’.