Brake Fleet Safety Partnership Award Recognizes Success of Iron Mountain-GreenRoad Initiative

  •  Insurance costs down 36% in five years
  •  Incidents decrease by over 20% vs previous year
  •  Costs of own and third-party damage reduced by over 34% in 2014

LONDON, UK – October 08, 2015 – Information storage and management specialist Iron Mountain has enjoyed a staggering 36% decrease in its insurance premiums over the past five years, thanks to its partnership with GreenRoad and internal initiatives linked to GreenRoad’s unique driver behaviour and fleet performance solution. 2014 in particular was a stand-out year for safe and cost-effective driving, with 20% fewer collisions versus the previous year and a 34% decrease in related costs.

“In 2014, our fleet achieved the greatest gains in driving safety and savings of the past three years,” says Rory Morgan, Iron Mountain’s Head of Logistics Support, Western Europe. “Incidents decreased by over 20% from 2013 – the largest year-on-year drop since we first installed the GreenRoad system in our fleet. Related costs (own-damage and third-party) fell by over 34%, earning us a 5% reduction insurance premium. This is our fourth reduction in five years, bringing cumulative cuts in insurance premiums to 36% overall.”

Since rolling out GreenRoad’s driver performance management system across its entire fleet in the UK and Ireland in 2011, following a pilot programme in 2010, Iron Mountain has achieved significant dividends in safety and reduced liability costs and insurance premiums.

Iron Mountain has also seen speeding violations drop as a result of GreenRoad’s Speed by Speed Zone software, which has been particularly effective at decreasing instances of drivers exceeding speed limits in low-speed zones. In recognition of the success of this initiative as well as GreenRoad and Iron Mountain’s ongoing collaboration, the companies were recently awarded the coveted 2015 Brake Fleet Safety Partnership Award.

“Through clear, in-vehicle feedback and strong change management support speed violations dropped significantly,” says Morgan. “This rate has continued to fall, with all-time lows being achieved on a regular basis and new targets subsequently set.”

“I think that averaging less than one often-minor incident per fortnight per vehicle, for a fleet that covers 8 million miles per annum, is just phenomenal but we will continue to work with the drivers to reduce further, of course” adds Morgan.

Iron Mountain has installed telematics in all its fleet vehicles in Western Europe and, more recently, equipped its vehicles in Hungary as well. Notably, all Western European countries saw their insurance premiums reduced in 2015 for vehicles with telematics installed, with Spain standing out with a cut of over 25%. They are now planning to install the system in Poland this year, with the potential to have GreenRoad for all of its European operations in 2016.

In Morgan’s view GreenRoad is the only “true” driver behaviour provider on the market. Driver behavioural change – with a view to improving and sustaining better driving over the long term – is at the core of GreenRoad’s unique system.

“There is just no one in the same ballpark as GreenRoad,” says Morgan. “It is always looking to develop, evolve and work in partnership with us to develop solutions to meet our specific requirements.” He added, “The system is very user friendly which helps enormously to optimise benefits across several different countries and languages.”

Using the GreenRoad system to change driver behaviour has helped Iron Mountain realize its goal of changing the company’s driving culture while consistently raising safety standards.

Lucy Thomas, GreenRoad Account Manager commented:  “The success Iron Mountain have had since implementing GreenRoad is testament to their dedication to ensuring that all elements of the solution are fully leveraged and closely monitored. Iron Mountain have thoroughly embraced the GreenRoad system and they are an outstanding example of how remarkable achievements can be acquired by taking the right approach and pushing the boundaries.

“We are gratified that Brake has recognized the magnitude of the improvement Iron Mountain has achieved with GreenRoad systems by awarding this year’s Fleet Safety Partnership Award to both companies.”

About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is a storage and information management company, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 36 countries with storing, protecting and managing their information. Publicly traded under NYSE symbol IRM, Iron Mountain is a S&P 500 company, a member of the FORTUNE 1000 and a member of FTSE4Good index.

About GreenRoad Technologies, Inc.

GreenRoad provides a single, comprehensive solution for changing driver behavior and managing fleet performance and efficiency.  GreenRoad’s platform helps fleet operators improve driving safety, increase fuel economy, lower insurance premiums, and reduce accident-related costs. GreenRoad’s advanced business intelligence and performance analytics enable fleets to optimize daily and strategic operations.

GreenRoad engages drivers directly to generate meaningful, lasting change through real-time, in-vehicle feedback and highly effective change management methodology.

With over 8 billion miles monitored and 600,000 driving years logged, GreenRoad serves leading companies of all sizes and across many industries, including trucking, passenger transportation, construction, food service, delivery, and public safety.

The company has offices in the US, UK and Israel.

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