HERTZLIYA — December 17, 2019 —Otonomo, the leading Automotive Data Services Platform, today announced that it will partner with GreenRoad to enable the provision of Driver Risk Profiling and other intelligence to its clients throughout the world. Fleets will be able to deploy GreenRoad to engage drivers in improving their driving behavior, cut costs, operate more efficiently, and save lives.

By taking advantage of the global data sources and secure data management capabilities in the Otonomo Platform, GreenRoad will be able to offer its solutions using data directly from OEMS or any onboard device deployed in fleet vehicles.

The Otonomo Platform securely ingests automotive data from OEMs and fleet operators, then reshapes and enriches the data so application and service providers can use it to develop a host of new and innovative offerings that deliver value to drivers of connected cars. The GreenRoad platform analyzes the data received for behavioral markers such as harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, and speeding, to generate advanced risk profiles. It then recommends specific actions that drivers can take to operate more safely.

By partnering with Otonomo, GreenRoad is able to bring its offerings to dozens of OEMs and telematic service providers via a single integration.

“When it comes to scaling services based on connected car data, the Otonomo Platform offers significant advantages,” said Ben Volkow, Chief Executive Officer at Otonomo. “We’re excited at the opportunity to expand the reach of innovative services like GreenRoad.”

“We all know that data is king,” said David Ripstein, Chief Executive Officer at GreenRoad. “By partnering with Otonomo, GreenRoad will be able to bring its unique data actualization technologies and driver behavior-focused safety approach to a much larger scale of connected car services and drivers throughout the world.”


The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform fuels an ecosystem of 15 OEMs and more than 100 service providers. Our neutral platform securely ingests more than 2 billion data points per day from over 18 million global connected vehicles, then reshapes and enriches it, to accelerate time to market for new services that delight drivers. Privacy by design is at the core of our platform, which enables GDPR and other privacy-regulation-compliant solutions using both personal and aggregate data.
Use cases include emergency services, mapping, EV management, subscription-based fueling, parking, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, media measurement, in-vehicle package delivery, and dozens of smart city services. With an R&D center in, Israel, and a presence in the United States, Europe, and Japan, Otonomo collaborated with twelve industries to transform their business with car data. More information is available at otonomo.io.


GreenRoad Technologies is a provider of comprehensive driver safety, operations management and fleet performance solutions. Used by more than 150,000 drivers in 80 countries throughout the world, GreenRoad’s solutions deliver a rapid ROI based on the significant reduction of fleet accident rates, insurance expenses, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, maintenance and more.

The GreenRoad Platform combines, manages and gains intelligence from a variety of telematics and other technologies to enable the creation of Risk Profiles for drivers in various industries, all working as part of a single user-friendly platform. The granular visibility, actionable insights and advanced data analytics provided enable fleet managers to take a proactive approach towards improving fleet performance, safety and operations.



For more information, please contact: liron.yanay@greenroad.com