The New UK Insurance Scam

As insurance costs continue to rise for everyone, the past 6 years has seen a 70% increase in personal injury claims in particular, making Britain the whiplash capital of Europe.

Already, over £2 billion a year is paid out for this claim and it is estimated that a quarter of these 600,000 are fake – and now the criminals have hit on a new scam…

Working in large groups, a number of these fraudsters will board a bus like normal fare paying passengers and another member of the group will then deliberately drive a car into the vehicle, staging an accident. The members of the gang on the bus then proceed to make claims for whiplash from the vehicle operator. In one recent incident, 36 fake passengers made a claim for whiplash racking up hundreds of thousands of pounds of claims for the bus company in question – and its insurer.

To combat this problem, the government is looking to introduce new measures where claimants are thoroughly checked by a panel of specially trained doctors post-event.

Of course, using GreenRoad also gives you the power to identify and fight false claims such as these.