Three Tips for Leveraging Driver Performance as a Marketing Tool

Do you ever think about fleet driver performance as a marketing tool?  Many GreenRoad customers do.  They realize that their drivers are operating rolling billboards, whether it is a passenger bus, delivery vehicle or even a city-issued sedan.  Here are some marketing ideas that GreenRoad customers are using to help grow their businesses.

  1. When bidding on new business, use GreenRoad as proof of your organization’s commitment to safety.  Some customers even take their prospective clients out for a “test drive” with a GreenRoad driver to showcase how the service works.
  2. Share GreenRoad information in your company newsletter or other marketing collateral.  For example, one GreenRoad user is promoting the use of the Idle Management feature as a commitment to helping the community achieve eco-standards.
  3. Consider passing on GreenRoad cost savings to your customers.  Another GreenRoad user is able to consistently beat competition on pricing because GreenRoad keeps fleet operating costs below industry averages.  This company considers GreenRoad a “secret weapon” in a very competitive environment.

With on-going challenges in the business environment, it makes sense to use your driver performance and safety management service as a marketing tool.  Current and future customers will appreciate knowing you’re making every effort to have the best drivers on the road.