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GreenRoad Helps Go-Ahead Singapore Reach Ambitious Sustainability Goals


For the past six years, Go-Ahead Singapore has been using GreenRoad’s Driver Safety Management Platform to strengthen its development of a strong safety culture, supporting it in fulfilling its commitment to provide safe, reliable, and comfortable journeys for all commuters.

During the past year, use of the GreenRoad solution has also proven strategic for the bus company’s implementation of its Green and Sustainable Plan, a comprehensive initiative launched in response to the sustainable development goals (sdgs) set out by the Singapore Green Plan 2030. GreenRoad’s telematics technology will play a positive role in the achievement of Go-Ahead’s global goals by helping it reduce its fuel consumption, emissions, and electricity usage.

As Andrew Thompson, Go-Ahead Singapore’s Managing Director, explained, “Our Green and Sustainable Plan supports the Go-Ahead Group’s commitment to become a net-zero carbon business by 2045 and includes a target of cutting our electricity consumption by 10% by 2025. These are ambitious goals, but we are determined to reach them.

“The GreenRoad system that we deployed six years ago to improve our safety and ride comfort will also help us achieve these goals. The idea is simple: by promoting safer, smoother driving behaviors, we generate a ripple effect of environmental benefits, including reducing our energy consumption, minimizing our emissions, and extending the charge range of our growing EV fleet. All of these goals are fully in line with our commitment to a sustainable future.”

extending the charge range of our growing EV fleet


Mr. Thompson continued, “The GreenRoad Telematics System works by enabling our bus captains to monitor their own performance, and then, based on the system’s real time vehicle feedback, to make proactive improvements to their driving style. This helps them continuously raise the standard of their driving, resulting in safer, more comfortable bus journeys, and improved environmental metrics.”

To incentivise safe driver behavior, Go-Ahead Singapore takes advantage of GreenRoad’s gamified Driver Engagement elements, including its Safety Scores, which it uses as the basis for “friendly competitions” and its competitive Driver of the Year program. In addition, it is a proud participant in Fleet Elite, GreenRoad’s prestigious international safe driving acknowledgment programme, which provides recognition and a status boost for exceptionally safe drivers.

As Andy Edwards, Go-Ahead’s Managing Director for Ireland, commented, “Throughout the Go-Ahead Group, we have found that GreenRoad aligns with smart psychology. It’s simply human nature to want to exceed when we are rated against our colleagues. Our bus captains don’t want to be seen with a poor Safety Score and go to great lengths to correct old habits in order to improve them. They connect with the concept of improved safety and welcome the opportunity to continually self-correct and improve. And our fleet managers benefit from the many safety and operational insights provided by the telematics data.

“When we first implemented the system in Singapore in 2017, we saw a tremendous improvement within weeks of implementing the system. Our bus captains began driving in a more stable and safe manner, planning ahead to avoid harsh braking and hazards, and dialing back aggressive manoeuvres. This gave them more control over their vehicles, and they valued that. Now that we are drawing their attention to the effect of their operations on the environment, our bus captains are redoubling their efforts to drive as smoothly as possible.”

GreenRoad’s key performance indicators (KPIs), management reports, and dashboards also contribute to Go-Ahead Singapore’s reduction in fuel consumption. For example, its ability to pinpoint the fleet’s idling hotspots and fuel-wasting behaviours leads enables focused, proactive training, further reducing the fleet’s environmental impact.

 Fleet safe driving


Even before launching its Green and Sustainable Plan, Go-Ahead Singapore’s results from using GreenRoad were impressive:

  • 25% reduction in preventable accidents
  • 20% reduction in accident spend
  • 44% reduction in insurance reserves
  • 3% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 190 GreenRoad Fleet Elite awardees in 2021 (15% of all bus captains)

Mr. Thompson concluded, “Through our efforts over the years, we have observed progressive development in driving performance and will continue to strengthen our safety programme with partners like GreenRoad.

“As a public transport operator, we embrace sustainability, and congratulate the LTA on its initiatives to build a smarter, more sustainable and greener transport system. We are committed to continued efforts and innovations that minimise the environmental impact of our buses and operations, and will be taking advantage of GreenRoad’s excellent technology to help achieve these goals. Wherever we are, Go-Ahead will continue to help us take care of every ride and rider, ensuring that our bus networks remain accessible and sustainable for all – and that Singapore remains one of the world’s leading societies for sustainable development.”