Improved Customer Support Portal

By David Ripstein - CEO

Eli Kaufman has been managing GreenRoad’s tech support in the UK for the last 4 years and is all for tools that make the lives of fleet managers that little bit easier.  One such example is the recently launched improved Customer Support Portal (CSP) which, as he explains, offers the following advantages:

• Single sign-on from GreenRoad Central – no need for separate log-in details, the support portal is just a click away.

• Troubleshooting workflows for common issues – this guides users through step-by-step questions and if a case needs to be logged, the information gathered is automatically populated into the case log.

• Hundreds of searchable help topics for all Central users, including drivers. This includes new features documentation and how-to guides.

• Improved case management, including easier case-tracking  and reporting and enhanced submission forms for faster time-to-resolution.

The CSP offers different levels of permissions, with content customized based on user role, geography, and product.

The case submission page has also been redesigned with customer experience in mind. It includes visibility to more case information; new fields on the page layout for quickly gathering information needed to address the issue/request and more friendly case status wording. Another new option is searching a case by vehicle and there are more flexible list views.