Top Transportation Mobility Provider Applies 10 Billion Miles of Proven Driver Safety Solutions to Vision Zero Missions Around the World

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Apr 26, 2017) – GreenRoad, the industry leader in technology-based driver safety for enterprise, shared mobility and commercial fleets, today announced general availability of GreenRoad Drive™, a transformative new smart mobility app that democratizes access to safer, more efficient business based transportation around the world. The app makes enterprise-class driver safety and behavior technology accessible to all stakeholders connected to Smart City missions, increasing intelligence and fostering Vision Zero type mobility initiatives.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) driver errors are responsible for 94 percent of the accidents, representing $300 Billion of potential savings. The majority of the errors are related to driver’s decision and recognition errors.

The data driven technology behind the GreenRoad solution detects human errors in real-time, builds anticipation with drivers to the road conditions, and suggests driving styles to help lower the number of errors made. GreenRoad’s track record demonstrated with over 1 Million driving years, created a consistent error reduction of 60 -70 percent with its enterprise fleet customers. For Smart City stakeholders, driver safety error reduction across Smart Cities could equate to huge savings of both lives and money.

In Austin alone, 2015 was the deadliest year on the roads in the city’s history. In a scenario as egregious as this, the big data powering GreenRoad’s solutions allow any municipality to map and proactively deter, accident hot spots and have the ability to modify city mobility, traffic flow and other transportation frameworks in support of Zero Fatality missions.

GreenRoad’s connected vehicle solution revolutionizes the way commercial fleets drive by combining real-time, in-cab continuous coaching with cloud-based contextual intelligence to make every business mile safer and ultimately reducing risk for fleets as a result. Emerging smart mobility services provide OEMs, and enterprises with a large mobile workforce, the ability to embed GreenRoad’s mobile technology, data, and deep learning capabilities into any fleet or 3rd party platform or safety initiatives, which aligns with the mission of the Zero Fatality Cities. In February 2017, GreenRoad’s flagship IOT platform earned a listing in Gartner’s February 2017 Gartner “Market Guide for Transportation Mobility Technology” report.

GreenRoad’s new Drive mobile app was designed to make life behind the wheel for business drivers safer and more productive. GreenRoad Drive stands out by providing a personalized driving safety profile, helping drivers to minimize errors and adjust their driving behavior to address contextual challenges such as type of vehicles, local weather conditions, mission, driving hours, and driver’s historic data. In addition, GreenRoad uses Deep Learning tools to improve the collective intelligence to continuously improve the personalization of the safety profiles for every driver in the fleet.

“Technology advances have allowed GreenRoad to transform it’s hardware based solution into an everyday mobile app. It’s a huge advantage that has allowed us to give every business driver the power to drive a safer journey supporting Vision Zero initiatives worldwide,” said Zeev Braude, President, and CEO of GreenRoad technologies. “For the past 10 years our enterprise-scale solutions have reduced driver errors and accidents at unprecedented rates and made our roads worldwide safer and greener,” continued Braude. “Today, commercial fleets are just the tip of the iceberg, as the shared economy shapes the future of transportation, we are democratizing driver safety making our data, our application and deep learning in the field of driver behavior available to the masses.”

Historically, GreenRoad has owned a strong market share in what was referred to as the global commercial fleet telematics, a market Gartner reported will increase to $55 billion by 2021. While the market is still a strong focus for the company, the launch of its smart mobility app widely opens the company up to provide its solution to new stakeholders shaping the smart mobility market.

In support of GreenRoad’s Zero Fatality leadership missions and mobile solution adoption goals, the company is now in the process of ensuring key stakeholders around the world have everything they need to put the Drive solution to work immediately in their cities. GreenRoad’s new mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

You can access the mobile app for free in the app stores as “GreenRoad Central”.

About GreenRoad
GreenRoad, the global leader in driver behavior technology, improves driving safety and reduces operational costs by creating predictable and standardized driving across the organization. GreenRoad’s safety platform combines driving behavior and vehicle data with location-based insights to give companies a clear picture of their workforce’s driving performance while providing drivers with real-time feedback for sustainable improvement. The company focuses on serving commercial and enterprise fleets, shared mobility providers and vehicle manufacturers.

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