Improving Fleet Operations through Advanced Tracking

By David Ripstein - CEO

Every day the team at GreenRoad works hard to help deliver the best drivers on the road.  When I meet with fleet management leadership to understand what more we can do to help their operations, I often hear the request for advanced fleet tracking. Today we are thrilled to announce GreenRoad is partnering with GPS Insight, one of the premiere providers of fleet tracking, to offer an exciting new fleet tracking solution.

GPS Insight will be an optional add-on service with GreenRoad, so you will have two powerful solutions together in one place. The new service will be called “GreenRoad Advanced Tracking.”  It will be powered by GPS Insight.  I can’t wait for you to see what this service can do.  There are powerful reports and exception alerts, along with route optimization, landmarks and geofencing.  They all help you operate a more efficient and effective fleet.  The GreenRoad and GPS Insight combination brings the best of driver performance management with the best of advanced fleet tracking.