Ryder seeks to increase the safety of its fleet, drive down costs and eliminating inefficiencies with GreenRoad.

Ryder trucks employ GreenRoad driver behavior in order to guarantee the safety of their fleet and drivers.

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GreenRoad Driver Behavior

The Challenge

Ryder provides leading-edge transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions worldwide. Ryder’s stock is a component of the Dow Jones Transportation Average and the S & P 500 Index. When Ryder began to evaluated driver safety solutions, they set out measure and reduce risky driving and eliminate inefficiencies in a way that their drivers would embrace, not feel threatened.

Increasing the safety of its fleet, driving down costs and eliminating inefficiencies was a primary motivation for Ryder to invest in a driver behavior system, but the company also wanted to ensure that drivers understood and accepted the solution for what it is – a proactive, driver-centric approach to helping them become safer, more efficient drivers. Although some drivers initially expressed concern that information collected would be used as a basis for punitive measures, but managers assured them that because the service is focused on prevention, it actually reduces the need for disciplinary measures.

The Solution

After a wide search, Ryder selected GreenRoad for a driver behavior and fleet performance solution. When Bob Prim, director of safety standards at Ryder, witnessed the quality of data GreenRoad provides to risk and safety professionals and fleet managers, he was intrigued. With thousands of vehicles in its fleet, Ryder provides outsourced transportation and dedicated contract carriage services to many of the world’s leading brands. Safety and efficiency are critical in maintaining its competitive edge.

Ryder initially tested GreenRoad at three locations, implementing the solution with minimal business disruption. GreenRoad sensors analyze up to 150 separate types of driving events in five categories – speed handling, cornering, lane handling, braking and acceleration. Drivers receive immediate in-vehicle feedback, enabling them to correct their driving behavior in the moment. Ryder’s installation was customized to produce unique vehicle safety profiles that helped the company calibrate speed, route, load and other parameters to achieve its own safe driving standards.

“Safety is crucial in the trucking and logistics industry and a cornerstone of our values at Ryder. We always are looking for ways to increase the safety of our fleet and to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive industry. The GreenRoad solution lets us do both.”-Bob Prim, Director of Safety Standards, Ryder

The Result

The GreenRoad solution helped Ryder managers focus their supervisory ride-alongs and ride-behinds to those drivers who required the most assistance. With GreenRoad, managers can view driver performance on every trip, determine whether a driver’s behaviors are improving and intervene accordingly. Today, GreenRoad’s solution is implemented in Ryder vehicles at more than 50 locations across the United States, with additional installations in progress. Fleet managers report that the GreenRoad makes their jobs easier and more meaningful because it enables them to affect real change in driving behavior that increases the safety of their drivers.

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