Open Platform and GreenRoad Inside™

GreenRoad’s Open Platform and API/ODI services support sharing of granular driver behavior and fleet safety data to Autonomous Vehicle (AV) development, support 3rd party systems, UBI insurance products and Smart Mobility applications.

The GreenRoad mobile SaaS solution supports a broad variety of operations management solutions and platforms.

GreenRoad Inside™:

GreenRoad as a Driver Behavior Data Feed

GreenRoad’s platform has been used to measure, analyze and improve the driving behavior of millions of drivers over the course of billions of miles.

Our detailed driver behavior assessments, granular contextual driving data and accumulated driver intelligence are now available for use by partner via powerful SDK & Open APIs.

GreenRoad Smart Mobility Partners can now access and embed our patented driver behavior recognition engine, collision detection and data aggregation services into mobile applications and backend services. Our driving sensor intelligence and road condition awareness are unmatched in the industry.


In addition, partners can license our smart algorithms for vehicle sensing and safety, and our technologies for deep-learning analytics and road awareness.



You can embed our technology within your mobile applications and products to detect 150 complex driving behaviors of different severities in real-time, optionally providing drivers with real-time, in-vehicle driver coaching.

In addition, partners can take advantage of our 10-years of driver behavior and fleet safety data, vehicle profiles and more to provide management and partners with analytical context for Autonomous Vehicle development projects and to help develop fleet management, Smart City and Smart Mobility solutions.


  • Easily add a complete advanced driver behavior solution to your offering.
  • Give your AV software development team reliable data about passenger experience and safety performance.
  • Quickly develop and launch smart mobility applications using our comprehensive open platform.
  • Strengthen your solution with world-class driver behavior awareness and feedback.

GreenRoad Risk IDs and the Insurance Industry

The detailed fleet and driver risk data collected by the GreenRoad Driver Safety platform can be used by auto insurance carriers to improve their competitive positioning, helping them reduce their loss ratios/cost-of-claims and provide differentiating UBI (usage-based) products such as Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and Pay How You Drive (PHYD).

Objectively, use of GreenRoad tools helps clients reduce their accidents and risk significantly – often by 50% or more within months, resulting in up to 80% reduction in crash-related costs, while also helping carriers counter fraudulent claims. In addition, the system condenses voluminous data about each driver’s driving style and habits – analyzed through the lens of billions of driving hours recorded – into dynamic, personalised Driver Risk IDs that insurers can use to support competitive products with dynamic premiums, discounts and other differentiating features.


There is no other system that provides such a detailed level of data about driver behavior – or that enables such a proactive, real-time approach to risk reduction.
For all these reasons, numerous insurance carriers, including QBE and many others, have chosen GreenRoad as their risk reduction tool of choice.