Data into Action, Continued: Our New To-Do List

By David Ripstein - CEO

We all know that GreenRoad provides you with valuable insight into your drivers’ performance and safety.  But GreenRoad is more than interesting reading; our mantra is Data into Action.  GreenRoad is all about taking action based on the information you learn about your fleet.  Over the past year, we’ve added our GreenRoad “Central mobile app”, revamped our “reporting suite”, and implemented myriad other changes throughout GreenRoad Central, toward that goal.

A critical component of making data actionable is a good set of exception management tools.  With that in mind, GreenRoad is pleased to introduce real-time email alerts.  We kicked off the alerts beta in January, and last weekend, based on the positive feedback from beta participants, we made them available to all customers. Currently, managers can receive email alerts for speed violations (both posted speed and fleet speed). You can configure alert triggers as absolute (x mph) or relative (y %) over the speed limit, and you can designate the recipients that make sense for your organization.  Set up new alerts in the Administration section of your GreenRoad Central account.  We have more alert types coming soon; next up are alerts for red events, expected early in second quarter.

Even we were surprised by how effective alerts were in the organizations that tried them out.  As one terminal manager said, “I love it!  I have not seen any more of those excessive speeds.”  Another tester told us,

“Fantastic results… It has really made a big impact to all Safety Scores as it forces the focus to be made on consistent drivers.  We rolled it out to the entire fleet within the first week and went from less than 30 green drivers to over 110 in the last two weeks…I would definitely encourage others to use the alerts.”

To complement alerts, we introduced another feature we’re really excited about: the To-Do list.  To-Do’s present your alerts in GreenRoad Central, but the To-Do list is much more than a report.  In addition to providing a succinct, searchable list of your alerts, each To-Do item has space for you to record what you did in response to the alert,  closing the loop between data and action.  Once you resolve an item, it’s off your To-Do list, but the comments you add become part of your GreenRoad records, so you can always reference a conversation you had, a training your driver attended, or any other follow-up to an alert you received.

Why is this so important?  Because data without action is, in some sense, worse than no data at all.  If you have information, you have a responsibility to act on that information.  That is why GreenRoad is so committed to providing the tools that make it easy to stay on top of exceptions that require a response.  As a manager, the To-Do list keeps you organized; as a senior manager, it keeps you informed.

Alerts and To-Do’s are the foundation for GreenRoad’s coaching vision.  There’s much more to come on this front in the coming year.  In the meantime, I’d like to hear from you: what items would you like on your GreenRoad To-Do list?  What alerts would benefit you the most: idling, performance trends, unassociated trips?  Let us know; we’re all ears.