Our first mobile app: expressly for drivers

By David Ripstein - CEO

We’re very pleased to announce the new GreenRoad Central mobile app for drivers, which has been in beta since the beginning of April.  The app gives drivers easy access to their GreenRoad performance anytime, anywhere.  Drivers can conveniently access their safety score, idling score, team rank and trip details from the past 7 days, and keep safety top of mind with our quick tips– all with the convenience and elegance of a native smartphone application.  (And yes, it’s disabled while in motion so you don’t have to worry about encouraging distracted driving.)

GreenRoad Central mobile app for drivers runs on both Android and iPhones and is available for free in the app stores as “GreenRoad Central.”  Drivers simply download the app and log in with their GreenRoad account information. If drivers don’t know their GreenRoad login information, you can find instructions for retrieving it in GreenRoad Central – just click the “Engage Portal” link in the top navigation.

Response from drivers in our beta program has been terrific.  The refrain we’ve been hearing again and again is that it’s “easy to use” – a quick, simple way to stay engaged with GreenRoad.  What higher praise could we ask for?  A favorite feature is the team rank.  As one driver said, “knowing my position within my depot makes me try harder to achieve top ten.”

A question that’s probably on your mind: “when is the manager app coming out?”  It’s in development right now, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you’re both a manager and a driver, you can use the app to check out your own driving performance – and maybe pick up a tip or two.

With more and more drivers switching to smartphones, GreenRoad’s mobile app for drivers is an important piece of our Connected Fleet vision.  More to come.