Video Telematics & Smart Sensors

GreenRoad’s Extended Safety sensor hub solution supports a broad range of fleet challenges with its Start Inhibit solution, Panic Button, Asset Tracker technology and more.
Integrate Video Telematics and sensor hub data to obtain deep context for incident investigation and training.

GreenRoad as a Sensor Hub

Rapid advances in automotive technology are giving rise to a growing selection of cameras, telematics and advanced sensors, each offering new layers of insight into driver safety and fleet operational efficiency.

As an open platform solution, GreenRoad is able to embrace new connected-car devices as they reach the market, integrating their recorded data into its vehicle/fleet management software. Third-party sensors, telematics, camera data and road information can be used to trigger alerts, enabling proactive intervention and preventative vehicle maintenance.

On a conceptual level, the availability of detailed information enables GreenRoad software to build an increasingly detailed and nuanced picture of vehicle/driver performance and road issues, identifying root causes of persistent challenges while supporting ever-higher standards of safety and operational efficiency.


The GreenRoad VideoSense™ Platform

VideoSense™ uses vehicle-installed video cameras to automatically document safety events identified by the GreenRoad Safety Telematics Platform, giving you deep context for root cause analysis. The software adds another dimension of insight to GreenRoad driver behavior data and safety scores, and serves as a DIM (Driver Impairment Monitoring) solution to enable proactive intervention in the case of  driver fatigue or distraction.

The VideoSense™ solution automatically records the critical seconds directly before, during, and after each safety event, providing fleet managers with “one-link” access to the video directly from the event’s telematics record. This enables clear correlation of external road factors with driving behaviors to exonerate your drivers and/or understand what actions might have been driver-correctable. These videos are also invaluable training tools.

In addition, the technology can recognize issues with fatigue, distraction, seatbelt usage, smoking etc., triggering automatic alarms that are delivered directly to the drivers and their fleet managers.


Since VideoSense™ cameras work continuously, their footage can be used as input for automated management alerts based on driver behavior, enabling proactive real-time intervention at signs of distraction or fatigue. They can be activated to provide a live, real-time feed from the vehicle, either by management or by the driver, who can initiate the recording in times of stress or danger by pressing an inconspicuous Driver Button. In addition, the software can support Start Inhibit capabilities for added protection in emergency situations.

Intelligent Cameras

VideoSense™’s smart video cameras and AI (Artificial Intelligence) work together to identify fatigue, distraction, seat belt usage and other driver behaviors, with unsafe states triggering real-time alerts to fleet managers and drivers.
This enables in-the-moment intervention and behavioral change to prevent disaster.

GreenRoad video cameras also provide intelligent input to support additional fleet management applications.