Stay Tuned to Welcome The GreenRoad Fleet Elite…

By David Ripstein - CEO

As people around the world are resolving to return to the gym, eat their vegetables, and stop texting at the dinner table, we at GreenRoad are working on our own 2013 resolution: recognize exceptional drivers. We’ve tallied up the 2012 Fleet Elite standings for all of our drivers worldwide, and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be welcoming our first Fleet Elite inductees: drivers who have gone “beyond green” and distinguished themselves as the best on the road.

GreenRoad introduced the Fleet Elite program last year, and we set a high bar for 2012 Fleet Elite membership. Only those fleets with stringent scoring standards were eligible to participate, and drivers had to log at least 500 GreenRoad hours in 2012 to be considered. Eligible drivers who achieved a score of 5 or less for the year will be welcomed into the Fleet Elite in the coming weeks.

It’s an outstanding achievement, and we congratulate all whose conscientious and consistent driving qualified them for Fleet Elite status. These drivers – safe, fuel-efficient, and green – bring the GreenRoad vision to life. Stay tuned as we introduce some of the winners to you in coming weeks.