GreenRoad Drive™ - Driver Safety on Mobile

GreenRoad Drive™ turns your smartphone into an intelligent,
in-vehicle driving coach with post driving insights

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GreenRoad Drive™ is a software-only, digitalized Driver Safety solution that turns mobile devices into powerful driver behavior monitoring and coaching tools. It is used by fleets to improve driver behavior, reduce risk, increase operational efficiency and collect granular driver behavior data.


Highly accurate real-time driver coaching:
GreenRoad Drive™ empowers drivers to prevent accidents before they occur. Based on GreenRoad’s proprietary driving behavior analysis technology, which accurately detects over 150 complex maneuvers of various severities.

Proven driver engagement and training tools:
Besides real-time coaching, GreenRoad Drive™ offers layers of dashboards, scorecards and analytics that enable drivers and field managers to review safety scores, team rankings, personalized driving tips, trip histories and analyses, and more – at any time, from any location.

Proactive safety management-by-exception tools:
GreenRoad Drive™ provides real-time AI-based alerts for drivers and managers, including fleet safety KPIs with full drill-down into underlying detail, trend analyses and more.

Fast, easy and inexpensive to deploy:
GreenRoad Drive™ downloads and deploys in minutes for thousands of drivers, anywhere in the world, giving companies a practical way to empower and motivate driver safety – and to monitor their drivers.

Single Platform:
GreenRoad Drive™ can be used by drivers of any type of vehicle, ranging from motorcycles and 3-wheelers to cars, trucks and vans, to provide a unified view into safety across the fleet – including for contract and temporary workers.

Easy to use:

  • The app automatically logs the beginning and end of each trip.
  • Throughout the trip, the app runs in the background. A click anytime opens the real-time display.

Post-Drive Trip Summaries:
Drivers can check on their own performance, immediately after the trip ends, in terms of:

  • Trip safety levels
  • Safety events
  • Start and end times
  • Duration and distance

Driver Performance:
Drivers and managers can use Drive™ to stay on top of safety trends:

  • Safety Scores
  • Safety Events
  • Distance traveled
  • Time traveled

Dive into Safety Events:
It’s all about transparency. Drivers can review each trip and learn from their mistakes.

  • The details: what type of event? When and where? How severe?
  • When VideoSense™ is installed, the driver can also see an event reconstruction video.

Special features developed for the mobile product

  • “Smart” battery usage to reduce need for in-the-field charging
    Voice and visual driver alerts
  • “In-service” and “private” modes