Create Safer Drivers and a Healthier Company

The driver safety platform for safe and efficient fleets and mobile workforces.

For over a decade, GreenRoad’s connected vehicle solution has revolutionised the way commercial fleets drive by combining real-time, in-cab coaching with cloud-based contextual intelligence to make every business mile safer.

Driver Safety

Reduced costs, lower overall risk, engaged drivers and happy customers – It all starts with safe fleet driving. The GreenRoad software solution helps organizations with mobile workforces gamify driving to keep their fleet drivers and fleet vehicles safer through every mile of every trip. More Details >>

Operational Efficiency

Imagine if all your entire mobile workforce was actively engaged in behaviors that saved you money. Add to that the actionable data you need to manage your fleet, and your job Just got a little bit easier. More Details >>


Fleet compliance isn’t just a safety issue – proving you’re in compliance can cost your team a great deal of time. GreenRoad fleet management software makes it easier to stay in compliance and generate the fleet reports that prove it. More Details >>

Driver Safety

Objective In-Vehicle Feedback

Our fleet app and mounted telematics system give drivers real-time feedback on 150 driving maneuvers for safe trips and cost savings.

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Safety Scores

Measure driving improvement over time with driver, team and fleet safety scores.

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Keep fleet drivers motivated and engaged with visibility into their scores compared to their team’s, detailed trip information and annual awards for safe fleet driving.

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In-Vehicle Video

Record a 360-degree view of driver behaviour and road conditions to get to the root of events that trigger driver safety warnings.

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Safety Hotspots

Use our intuitive dashboard to identify areas where fleet drivers frequently idle or engage in risky driving.

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Help fleet drivers track their performance while giving managers a complete view of the entire organisation with easy-to-read charts and tools.

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Instant Driving Tips

Improve fleet performance of your drivers and mobile workforce with real-time driving tips available directly from their safety dashboard.

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Operational Efficiency

Live Tracking & Resource Locator

Use our smart filtering and live fleet tracking tool to quickly locate the best driver and vehicle for any job in real time.

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Landmarks & Geo-Fencing

Get alerts when fleet drivers enter or leave custom-designated areas according to rules you set.

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Idling Hotspots

Identify locations of excessive fleet idling for significant cost savings across your organisation.

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Route Replay & Tracking History

Play back trips on the map to determine where fleet drivers were located at any given time.

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Fuel & Idling Optimisation

Review fleet fuel efficiency trends across your fleet and solve hidden inefficiencies for fleet-wide fuel savings.

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Vehicle Health & Service Management

Be alerted when fleet vehicles experience problems and automatically keep track of maintenance schedules.

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Real-time Alerts

Set up custom alerts for critical fleet events, like vehicle health and safety events.

Dashboards, Management Tools & Reports

Make better business decisions faster with actionable fleet data and driver info.

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Administration & Utilisation Reports

Identify productivity trends in driver behavior by analysing miles driven, number of stops and selected routes of fleet vehicles.


Fleet Document Management

Avoid fines and suspension of service by easily staying on top of your fleet compliance documentation.

Expense Management

Capture and classify the segments of your fleet driving you can use for expense reporting and tax returns.

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Fuel Card Integration

Integrate fleet fuel card purchase data with GreenRoad fleet management software to quickly uncover and address fuel purchase irregularities and theft.

Tax & Fuel Regulation

Manage expenses and International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) reports for easier fuel tax submission with GreenRoad fleet management software.

Performance Consulting

Change Management Planning

We turn your data and goals into a plan of action for improving fleet results.

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Educational Resources

Get the info you need to leverage a fleet management program.

Driver Engagement

We help you integrate our fleet management solutions into your drivers’ culture for deeper-rooted adoption.

Program Planning

Fleet management solutions with detailed change-management programs for ever-growing success.

Fleet Elite

Motivate and reward good fleet driving behavior with our global driver recognition program.

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